Artist Talk in NYC: Working as a Pro Photographer & Director 5/23/19

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Mark de Paola discusses his experience working as a pro. photographer and director, and how you can tackle potential disasters and chaos

About this Event

With decades of experience working as a professional photographer and director in the fashion/beauty sector between NYC, Milan, and LA, Mark de Paola has acquired a unique ability to dissolve and solve potential conflict on set and in production. Join Mark de Paola on May 23rd, from 5-7 pm, for a unique opportunity to hear about his journey in turning potential disaster on set to a successful creative deliverable.

Discussing photographic and directing skills, philosophy, and anecdotes, be sure to utilize this unique opportunity to learn how to make sense of potential moments of chaos in the still and motion industries.

Topics may include: Working with difficult talent, missing equipment on location, encountering inclement weather shooting outside, as well as when is right to accept or kindly refuse assignments.