"Photography Wide Open" Workshop at Leica Store San Francisco July 30, 2016

Fine art photographer and director Mark de Paola presents an exclusive one day workshop at Leica Store San Francisco Saturday, July 30, 2016 from 9 am - 5 pm.

Mark will be sharing his over 40 years of first hand experience working with the Noctilux lens. View Mark's imagery in a variety of interior and exterior environments to better learn how one of Leica's premier lenses may be used to work in various capacities to extreme limits. Expand your knowledge of the unique nature of the Noctilux lens and it's ability to alter philosophical and physiological perception and vision. 

Review a wealth of still and motion imagery exemplifying multiple lens renderings in style, focusing distances, color, and sharpness. Learn how to dance on the threshold of exposure and minimum focusing distances to render flesh in portraiture. Get all of your questions answered from an instructor with credentials ranging from Vogue covers and Gucci campaigns to Superbowl commercials and fine art photographic exhibitions.

From in depth discussions and practical exercises, along with a historic overview of Leica glass and it’s various evolutions through time, learn how best to discover your own individual aesthetic. This Noctilux workshop will also demonstrate, in practical terms, how you may maximize your use of the Noctilux lens. The Noctilux workshop will also introduce you to the benefits of using your Summilux and/or Summicron lenses at full aperture to create photographs as Leica intended, at wide-open apertures. 

Stretch your imagination and prepare yourself for an incredible journey into the world of Noctilux photography. Do not miss this opportunity to attend this fantastic one day workshop.

Admission: $199/person

RSVP TODAY: myles@leicastoresf.com